5 Easy Steps to Life Changing Prayer

The 5 Easy Steps shared in this book will put you on the road to RESTORATION and show you how to #overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. End the cycle of uncertainty and frustration that often describes many people’s prayer life, get to solutions quickly and move forward to the bright future God has in store. The issues we pray about might be difficult. But prayer doesn’t have to be! Connect with Hope. Connect with God in prayer!

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3 Things I would tell my Younger Self about #Marriage and #Divorce
3 Things I would tell my Younger Self about #Marriage and #Divorce

Contrary to what experts might say, the leading cause of divorce is not financial problems. It’s not family issues. Not even infidelity. The leading cause of divorce is… Marriage! With that in mind, let’s get the first basic truth out of the way: If you never want a divorce then make sure you never get

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“Redefining Loneliness”
“Redefining Loneliness”

The dictionary defines loneliness as “desolate, isolated, solitary or the state of being unfrequented by human beings.” How fun! Probably explains why so many people hope and pray they avoid that sucker all together! And if by some unforeseen set of circumstance loneliness makes its way to our doorstep, the first response is to try

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“How to Win an Unfair Fight”

When my son was about ten years old, he went through a phase of “karate kicking” everything in sight… the refrigerator, the walls, the trees… you name it. After months of living with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle avatar, it seemed a good idea to add some professional training to all the exuberance. Not surprising, he

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“Three Black Men of Influence and how they Changed my Life”

In 1940, Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, published a bestselling children’s book entitled “Horton Hatches the Egg.” It tells the story of a congenial elephant named Horton, who is coerced by a mother bird to temporarily watch over her newly hatched egg. But temporary transitions to permanent when the mother bird refuses to return.

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The Blessing of a Closed Door

“Thank God I never got her pregnant!” Okay… Maybe he didn’t say those exact words. But I’m certain King David must have caught a glimpse of God’s sovereignty in the rear view mirror – especially where his wife Michal was concerned. It’s a story seldom told. And yet offers a fantastic illustration concerning the blessings

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Two Words We All Long to Hear

In the year leading up to my Father’s death, he was in and out of the hospital numerous times. When he was admitted to intensive care three days after Christmas, the doctors pronounced a diagnosis no one was prepared to hear. “Mr. Lowery,” they explained, “your heart is no longer working and there is nothing

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All I can articulate after reading your impeccable writings is “NO more compromises!” There is no problem too big for God to handle, but He can’t help me if I don’t hand it over to Him!


Love this! And your book. It is very inspirational and is so insightful! Prayer can be so foreign to some and it really seems like you were touched by an Angel! You bring God to me in such a vivid way it’s hard to turn away from. I hope that there will be more works to follow this one! It is very special.


What a powerful article. I was near tears at my desk today!!!! That moment when all you have is a busted raft and a small straw to breath through….HE is high and lifted up!


Wonderful insight – great analogy…… Your writing style is practical and applicable. Thanks

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