Most automobiles have a blind spot that impairs the driver’s vision at certain angles. A lot of collisions happen because a hazard is hidden from view. In a similar manner, people have spiritual blind spots that inhibit our ability to see potential hazards to our soul.

More specifically, spiritual blind spots are those hidden things that distort our understanding of God or create static in our relationship with him. They are typically formed through the false ideas and beliefs we adopt as truth based on our experiences with society, family or religion. Here’s a great example.

Back in the day, someone gave us a VCR copy of the movie Batman, starring Jack Nicholson as The Joker. The giver’s motives were thoughtful and well-intentioned. I’m sure they believed they were giving us something useful. What we received, however, was a copy of a copy of a copy of another copy.

The resolution was grainy and fuzzy making it difficult to distinguish details or see the characters clearly. To make matters worse, the audio and video were slightly out of sync. Nevertheless, it was the Batman movie. The characters the script and the music were all there. But the entire movie was misrepresented because of how far removed it was from the original.

Given with sincerity? Absolutely! Presented in its original format? Absolutely not! Was the giver ignorant or even neglectful concerning what they presented? Of course they were. Most likely they simply copied a copy that was given to them.

In many ways, this is how some people formed their ideas and opinions about God and life. They were given copies of copies of copies, thousands and thousands of times removed from the original source. Most of those copies were given with sincerity and some were given in ignorance. Not knowing any better, they were accepted with sincerity or ignorance.

At some point we all find ourselves on the receiving end of the un-redeemed distorted ideas passed to us from family, society, friends or religion. Some were given in ignorance and others with sincerity. Some were generational and some we adopted ourselves based on our own distorted ideas. It’s a process that’s been going on since the Fall of Adam and Eve. The lyrics from a Bastille song entitled “Flaws” says it perfectly.

All of your flaws and all of my flaws
They lie there hand in hand
Ones we’ve inherited, ones that we learned
They pass from man to man

But regardless of the particulars or the delivery method by which the fallacies were presented, we must take responsibility to seek God for revelation on the spiritual blind spots those ideas created. The good news is, our Savior stands totally ready and willing to help us.

An example of someone who understood the impact of spiritual blind spots is found in Psalm 139:23-24. David proactively employed God in prayer and wrote him a blank check, so to speak. He asked God to search him and show him anything and everything that needed to be changed. He didn’t go in fear or with a sense of condemnation. He already knew God’s love.

But in order to improve the relationship, David asked God to show him the spiritual blind spots that might be standing in the way. David desired God’s divine intervention to expose the distortions and static preventing him from becoming all God had in mind for him. I think this is one of the reason God described David as “A man after his own heart.” David was determined to cooperate with God in his own sanctification.

The Bible instructs us in 1 John 1:8-9 that “If we say we have no sin the truth is not in us. If, however, we confess our sins, He (God) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Put another way, when live as if we have no spiritual blind spots, then we’re walking in denial and setting ourselves up for a collision. But if we go to God and ask him to reveal our blind spots, he is loving and kind and will tenderly reveal the hidden things we might be missing.

Giving God permission to reveal our blind spots is a proactive way of asking him to show us what we don’t know that we need to know. It means we desire to cooperate with his spirit to remove anything that might be standing in the way of becoming the people we don’t know we can become; the person God has predestined us to become.

Want to learn more about spiritual blind spots and other things that keep us from knowing God’s love? Then be sure to check out my book5 Easy Steps to Life Changing Prayer .  In the meantime, go ahead and pray this little prayer. God bless you!

“Heavenly Father, just like David, I want to have a clean heart and a right spirit. We both know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But I truly want to cooperate with you in the sanctification of my soul. So I surrender my life my soul and my spirit to your loving arms. Redeem me according to your grace and mercy poured out for me on the Cross.

Lord, I give you permission to reveal to my heart and mind the static that’s standing in the way of my relationship with you. Give me insight and revelation about the distorted un-redeemed ideas that I’ve adopted as truth. Show me what blind spots I’m carrying around and the potential hazards they can create. And let me experience your love and tender mercies in the process.

I choose to forgive those who passed their blind spots to me and ask you forgive them as well. But I also ask your forgiveness for adopting them as my own. Deliver me from any anger and condemnation that it might provoke, knowing that it’s your love that brings us all to our senses. And it’s your love that will restore us all to the life you originally intended us to live.

Help me to know you as a loving Father, mentoring me on the things I don’t know I need to know. Give me grace from your throne to be what I don’t know I can be; the person you’ve predestined me to become. I asked for all of this as a free gift so that the accolades for my new life might be given to you.  Amen.”

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