“How to Let your #Heart Sing on #ValentinesDay”


Mushy cards, chocolates, flowers, engagement rings, blah, blah, blah. Yep it’s Valentine’s Day. And whether you love it or hate it, no one can escape the deluge of images telling us about the perfect kiss, the perfect gift and the perfect everything else we should be experiencing… that is if you are perfectly in a relationship with (possibly) the perfect someone.

But what if you’re not? Does that mean Valentines has no meaning for the #Single Heart? Of course not! But if you’re heart is feeling blue this V-Day, I’ve got 3 fantastic ideas to turn it around so your heart can sing instead.

Attend a seminar or workshop. That’s exactly what I did last year on Valentine’s Day. Plus I was able to spend 3 days in sunny Florida at the same time. The event was so dynamic and fun that I totally forgot about February 14. I was too busy learning, growing, networking, and planning my future to even care! February is a HUGE month for seminars in nice vacation spots. So learn something and hang out on the beach in the process.

Host a wine and cheese party. Chances are if you’re single then you probably know other singles. Use the occasion to help each other thumb your nose at all the V-Day silliness. Call it a Valentines Revolt party. Turn the tables and make it SINGLES ONLY – no couples allowed! Let your creative juices flow and have FUN YOUR WAY! The kindness in your heart is worth throwing a party over after all!

Give Back. This could be anything you want it to be. Visit the elderly. Take a lonely neighbor a bouquet of flowers. Make dinner for someone who is going through a difficult time. Invite a single parent over for pizza and a movie and include the kids. Or volunteer to baby sit so they can have a “night on the town.” The truth is, giving our heart in a selfless way is the greatest expression of love. And don’t worry. It will come back to you!

 The main thing is… do something that makes your heart sing on Valentines. Break free from the commercial trap and listen to the voice of heavenly acceptance. Whether giving yourself the gift or personal growth or pouring your time and energy into others, YOU can set the agenda for Valentines.

And remember, YOU DO NOT NEED someone else to make you feel loved or valued. God has accepted you. He values you from head to toe. He poured out all his heart to rescue yours because he is #MadlyInLove WITH YOU!








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